Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's already been 2 weeks

Moving went well and then i spent the past two weeks unpacking and making Sunburst comfortable...

The first night I was at the house she started exploring everywhere! but a few days after she stopped wanting to get out from under the bed... I had to bribe her out with food and a few days after her being scrared of leaving the bedroom she's sunddenly exploring every where... I really don't know why she decided to hide after being here for a few days.

I currently don't have a space for all my craft stuff... my computer desk is in the basement and the craft room is on the 2nd floor. there is no table near the craft room. I am starting to plan out what is going to go in that room though but I'll paint the room before I fill it up with things :) I'm thinking of getting the supplies i need to paint the room this weekend and next weekend I'll be doing some painting. I'm thinking of a purple-ish gray for the walls.

Anyways I need to go shopping for stuff,
I'll be back later,