Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's already been 2 weeks

Moving went well and then i spent the past two weeks unpacking and making Sunburst comfortable...

The first night I was at the house she started exploring everywhere! but a few days after she stopped wanting to get out from under the bed... I had to bribe her out with food and a few days after her being scrared of leaving the bedroom she's sunddenly exploring every where... I really don't know why she decided to hide after being here for a few days.

I currently don't have a space for all my craft stuff... my computer desk is in the basement and the craft room is on the 2nd floor. there is no table near the craft room. I am starting to plan out what is going to go in that room though but I'll paint the room before I fill it up with things :) I'm thinking of getting the supplies i need to paint the room this weekend and next weekend I'll be doing some painting. I'm thinking of a purple-ish gray for the walls.

Anyways I need to go shopping for stuff,
I'll be back later,

Monday, November 29, 2010

I hate boxes

I haven't had time to post much in the past little while... I had planed to finish a bunch of projects while waitting to move but then the guirls' craft weekend at the cottage happened and I was volentold to bring a project so i had to go shopping for materials and wright instructions and next thing i know the weekend is over and I have to start packing and storing stuff in boxes...

When everything is unpacked maybe i can post some pictures of the crafts i did during the craft weekend...

Tomorrow I'll be in my new house. I hope Sunburst will like it and that she won't miss the giant castle of boxes that invaded my living room.

talk to you guys soon,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Printer table update #3 or 4?

It's been a while since I last seen my parents and I believe it's been even longer since I last worked on the printer table I've mentioned a few times before.

After a few months of this being set aside for various reasons I finally had the chance to work on it! About two weeks ago I put all the peaces together (top included) and I sanded the rough areas.

Personally I think that it turned out looking awesome! Especially since this is the first wood project I do :D

If I where to take it and compare it to what my little brother has been working on... well...

Yeah... It defiantly isn't as pretty lol I also got a lot of help from my dad and well he didn't need help...  My brother is really talented!

I got more time to work on the table last week. I did more sanding and stained it and i had a little extra time left to put on a first coat of varnish.

My dad had fun taking pictures and my brother helped out with the staining so that it would go a little faster.

Hopefully I'll get some time this week to give it another coat of varnish.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back on track... untill november...

It looks like this blog is yet another project i had put on the side to participate in other activities...
Even if I have been quiet on this blog I have been very busy with other things... I had a few camping trips planned and so did my dad. I also had to take time away from creating things because I started looking for a house. Between visiting mortgage ppl, financial advisors, visiting houses and the usual summer fun, All the projects I had one the go where put on hold. But the search is over :) finaly.

I found the house I wanted and I have a supper good interest rate for the mortgage... now I just have to wait until November 30th to move in...

I already have some plans for the place and projects in mind. Most ideas are about making the place look like the unreal rooms in my head (I've already started making a list of all the things I want to do and it's already extremely long :S ). Anyways I might have to stop posting for a little while in November and December since i'll have to pack up everything I've got in the appartment and then unpack everything but I shoudl have many projects on the go after I'm settled in to the new place ;)

Until then I'll keep working on the printer table and I have a few sewing projects that where also put on hold that I'll be getting back to. After these are done I might start thinking of things that would revolve a little more around things I'll need at the new house... like pillows and paintings and I'm not sure what else... I would like to do another project with my dad once I'm done the table but I don't have the exact sizes of the rooms.

Anyways I'll be back soon with updates.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little black and pink skirt

I found this cool tutorial to make a ruffle skirt on the website and fell in love with the black and blue skirt!

I wanted to make my own. I choose black and pink... I would say that for my second sewing project it's not too bad. For starters it fits so that's a good sign.

There is lots of things I should of paid more attention to... like making the seams match and cutting the material straight... Oh yeah also the ruffles where hard to make. but over all it looks like a skirt.

I plan on adding details like a pink ribbon to tie it and maybe I'll paint or sew on a cute little monster on the black layer in pink to make the skirt look less simple. I'm not sure yet what kind of cute little monster I want on there so when I choose I'll post an update.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A simple printer table with 3 shelves - In Progress - Update #2

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit my dad to keep working on the printer table he's been teaching me to make...

I thought that it would be all done by the end of the day but there was lots more work than what I was thinking. I managed to do some sanding and put the facing peaces on the shelves and put most of the table together.

 This is what it looked like when we where gluing the facing to the shelves

There was some issues making the frame level... first you try to put it level by pushing it to the right and then it's not level cause it leans to much to the right so we push it to the left and then again to the right... but it's level now.

After it was level we put in the backing to keep it nice and straight.

The table top is missing but after that's put on the table I'll be ready to stain it... I think

'Till next time

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fabric Stash

I got new fabric to make a skirt recently and then I thought I should make a small inventory of the fabric I already have for future references.

Oh wait a moment maybe I should introduce the first sewing project I took on... it should make you laugh. I decided to modify a pattern that I had never tried before... yes i know that was the first MAJOR mistake and it was followed by other mistakes. Conclusion I learned what not to do next time I try something and I have a shirt in peaces that doesn't fit me.

 See even Sunburst doesn't think it's pretty

I found the two following fabrics and thought they where supper cute so I got some of each. In my head i just think it would look supper lovely to make a little pj for a baby in these... but I don't know anyone that has little kids that would dress them up in skulls. I haven't found a different thing to use this fabric for yet.

The next fabric is the nice gray fabric you see Sunburst playing with... it was the best picture of it I had. I wanted to make a skirt with this but I had my own design in my mind. Since the orange shirt disaster above happened right after i got this I decided to keep it asside and one day when I learn sewing skills then I'll make the skirt in my head.

And then a few weeks ago I went back to the fabric store because I had found an easier project to do that would be good for a start and was looking for material to make a nice simple mini skirt. I found 4 different fabrics...

The green and the blue you see here I decided to use for something else than a skirt... the green I will make a shirt with and I haven't decided about the blue yet.

And the actual skirt will be done in black and pink. I will post my progress and where I took the pattern as I make the skirt.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A simple printer table with 3 shelves - In Progress

A few weeks ago or maybe months I decided that my giant printer/scanner/copier is way too big to sit on the beutifull desk my dad had made for me a few years ago. I decided to take action and asked my dad to teach me wood working by helping me make a table for my printer.

 This is my computer desk... I should of cleaned before taking the picture lol

So far I bought the wood… or tried too… it wouldn’t fit in my car so I paid my dad to go buy it for me.Then i drew a plan based on the computer desk. I then learned to use a table saw and cut out the peaces for the sides and shelves

Last week I learned how to use the planer to smooth out the imperfections that existed on the facing panels.
After my dad showed me how to use a router (the thing that you use to create grooves to put in the shelves).

And yesterday i worked on the facing. The only thing left now is assembling it, staining it and then varnishing it.

I don't have any pictures of it yet... I was too busy working to think of pictures lol I'll post pictures of the table next time I work on it.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I start this blog…

I always believed that anyone could learn anything as long as they truly tried. I accepted various challenges that proves this in the past but haven’t gotten a challenge in a while. I’m starting this blog to track the future challenges I want to try and my progress with these challenges.

The first challenges you will notice here are challenges that I have already started but have not yet finished. As I start new challenges I will add them

Note that I am ready and willing to accept challenges if anyone wants to suggest one that I think might be fun.