Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back on track... untill november...

It looks like this blog is yet another project i had put on the side to participate in other activities...
Even if I have been quiet on this blog I have been very busy with other things... I had a few camping trips planned and so did my dad. I also had to take time away from creating things because I started looking for a house. Between visiting mortgage ppl, financial advisors, visiting houses and the usual summer fun, All the projects I had one the go where put on hold. But the search is over :) finaly.

I found the house I wanted and I have a supper good interest rate for the mortgage... now I just have to wait until November 30th to move in...

I already have some plans for the place and projects in mind. Most ideas are about making the place look like the unreal rooms in my head (I've already started making a list of all the things I want to do and it's already extremely long :S ). Anyways I might have to stop posting for a little while in November and December since i'll have to pack up everything I've got in the appartment and then unpack everything but I shoudl have many projects on the go after I'm settled in to the new place ;)

Until then I'll keep working on the printer table and I have a few sewing projects that where also put on hold that I'll be getting back to. After these are done I might start thinking of things that would revolve a little more around things I'll need at the new house... like pillows and paintings and I'm not sure what else... I would like to do another project with my dad once I'm done the table but I don't have the exact sizes of the rooms.

Anyways I'll be back soon with updates.

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