Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fabric Stash

I got new fabric to make a skirt recently and then I thought I should make a small inventory of the fabric I already have for future references.

Oh wait a moment maybe I should introduce the first sewing project I took on... it should make you laugh. I decided to modify a pattern that I had never tried before... yes i know that was the first MAJOR mistake and it was followed by other mistakes. Conclusion I learned what not to do next time I try something and I have a shirt in peaces that doesn't fit me.

 See even Sunburst doesn't think it's pretty

I found the two following fabrics and thought they where supper cute so I got some of each. In my head i just think it would look supper lovely to make a little pj for a baby in these... but I don't know anyone that has little kids that would dress them up in skulls. I haven't found a different thing to use this fabric for yet.

The next fabric is the nice gray fabric you see Sunburst playing with... it was the best picture of it I had. I wanted to make a skirt with this but I had my own design in my mind. Since the orange shirt disaster above happened right after i got this I decided to keep it asside and one day when I learn sewing skills then I'll make the skirt in my head.

And then a few weeks ago I went back to the fabric store because I had found an easier project to do that would be good for a start and was looking for material to make a nice simple mini skirt. I found 4 different fabrics...

The green and the blue you see here I decided to use for something else than a skirt... the green I will make a shirt with and I haven't decided about the blue yet.

And the actual skirt will be done in black and pink. I will post my progress and where I took the pattern as I make the skirt.

Have a good day!

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