Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A cake for the BF

The BF turned 26 yesterday! When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said a mirror cake. Unfortunetly it is mid January and fruits just aren't the best in January. So instead I made a tuxedo cake! 

Tuxedo cake is a layered cake with white and dark chocolate mouse in between the layers. You can see a traditional tuxedo cake and find the recipe Click HERE
I followede the recipe indicated above with a few modifications...

  1. I used a devils cake box mix because I was lazy.
  2. I also baked the cake in a 6" pan and that made the assembly part a bit different...

I finished the cale by covering the sides with chocolate bark! And i used a non edible ribbon to keep the chocolate from falling off while sitting in the fridge waiting to get eaten.

I know this doesn't really go with my resolution of eating healthier but the cake was delicious and worth the hours of work!

And now I'll go back to eating healthier...

Till next time,

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