Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Challenge day 1 & Vacation in Niagara Falls Ontario

The first day of the challenge went pretty well... I had salami, salad and cheese with grapes for desert. I need to bring some snacks or food that is more filling cause I got hungry that day.

Friday I was on my way to Niagara Falls for the weekend. We packed stuff that was left in the fridge so there was a few slices of salami, cheese strings, some veggies, chips, coleslaw with sesame sauce (* Note for next time: This doesn't go very well with the salami *). It defiantly wasn't the most organized lunch but at least the food didn't end up in the compost bin.

I didn't get back home until late evening yesterday. I'm very glad that I wasn't working today because the groceries stores where closed last night and the only thing left in the fridge this morning was one cheese string, enough milk for one bowl of cereal and a moldy pepper...

It's now 4 pm and I'm done with the groceries, cleaning the house and unpacking. I got all kinds of yummy food when I went grocery shopping so hopefully lunches will be great this week.

Take care,

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