Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short Busy Week

It was a short week with only 3 working days and I'm glad it it was short!

There was so many things happening that I haven't had the chance to relax yet. there was cleaning, cooking food for my lunches, playing with Sunburst, the cat, who was being very demanding because she was left alone for a long weekend. I think she was trying to get revenge for being left alone by trying to kill me by walking in between my feet. she almost succeded a few times ;P. I also had to prepare for my cousin's wedding that is happening today, Saturday.

I made a big batch of vegetable cream soup and cooked some chicken legs. Ate the soup with chicken and cheese on top for lunches every day... with the exception of Friday. Desert was brownies that I made from a box. Snacks included peaches, pears and apples. Friday I had packed the same thing for lunch but the container I used for the soup isn't a container i'll use again... when I opened my lunch box to put the soup in the fridge there was barely any soup left in the container. The brownie was saved by the Ziploc bag and the peach by the plastic container I had put it in so it wouldn't get bruised or crushed. I spent some time cleaning my lunch bag and at lunch I bought a sandwich to replace the soup. I felt so disappointed!

Lesson #1 of the week: Take your time to choose your lunch containers and test them first! Especially if your are going to put liquid in it

I also made some salsa but it was a way too spicy for me so I had to mix in more tomatoes. I visited my mother last night because she had lots of tomatoes in her garden. And the salsa is now extremely delicious now that it's not as spicy! I had a full container 7" X 7" by 2" completely full before I got to my mom's. We added lots of extra tomatoes to make it milder and the container is now half full... probably wouldn't be any thing left if we would not have run out of tortilla chips.

Lesson #2 of the week: Taste food before adding more spicy peppers!

The wedding I'm going to later this evening is one of those fancy types of weddings... Luckily I own a few really nice and pretty dresses that can pass as evening dresses so I didn't have to spend much. I even had a nice evening purse that went well with the dress I choose.

On Thursday I went to the gym at 7:30PM because I have been lazy and not going for a while so I though that trying a yoga class would be good encouragement. I found the class very hard and my abs are still hurting. I don't know if I'll go back to that class. I think I would prefer one of the cardio classes... I just hope I'm not to uncoordinated to participate lol. I'll find out Tomorrow when I try the Zumba class.

Talk to you next time,

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